What is a weak golf grip vs a strong one?

Your golf grip is one of the most fundamental aspects of your game, and it can significantly impact your performance on the course. A proper grip can enhance your control over the club and help you achieve more accurate and consistent shots. There are two primary types of golf grips: weak and strong. Understanding the differences between these grips and their respective pros and cons is crucial for improving your game.


What is a weak golf grip?

A weak golf grip refers to a hand position on the club where the hands are rotated more towards the target, resulting in a more open clubface. In this grip, the “V” formed by the thumb and index finger of the lead hand (left hand for right-handed golfers) points more towards the trail shoulder. The weak grip places the lead hand in a position where it has less control over the clubface during impact.


The pros and cons of a weak golf grip

There are both pros and cons to using a weak golf grip when you play, so it’s important to choose the right style of grip for each shot you take.


Pros of a weak golf grip

Natural release

A weak grip promotes a more natural release of the clubhead through impact, resulting in a smoother and more effortless swing.

Reduction of slicing

It can help golfers who tend to slice the ball by encouraging a more closed clubface at impact.

Decreased tension

A weak grip can alleviate excessive tension or stiffness in the swing, allowing for a more relaxed and fluid motion.


Cons of a weak golf grip

Control issues

With a weak grip, it becomes more challenging to control the direction and trajectory of the ball accurately.

Push tendency

Golfers with weak grips may experience a tendency to push the ball to the right (for right-handed golfers) due to the open clubface at impact.

Limited forgiveness

A weak grip requires precise timing and synchronisation to consistently square the clubface, making it less forgiving for inconsistent swings.


What is a strong golf grip?

A strong golf grip involves positioning the hands on the club in a way that promotes a closed clubface. In this grip, the “V” formed by the thumb and index finger of the lead hand points more towards the trail shoulder, or even beyond it. The strong grip places the lead hand in a position where it has more control over the clubface throughout the swing.


The pros and cons of a strong golf grip

.Like a weak grip, a strong golf grip offers both pros and cons that can affect your play. Knowing when and how to use each grip type and which type suits your style of play can help you to improve your performance on the course.


Pros of a strong golf grip

Reduced slicing

A strong grip promotes a more closed clubface at address and impact, which helps reduce the likelihood of slicing the ball.

Increased power

A strong grip allows for more active wrist engagement during the swing, resulting in increased clubhead speed and more power.

Improved accuracy

With a strong grip, the clubface tends to stay square or slightly closed, allowing for more accurate shots and a more controlled ball flight.


Cons of a strong golf grip


A strong grip can lead to overcompensation and exacerbate issues such as hooking the ball, making it more difficult to hit straight shots.

Limited flexibility

A strong grip may require additional wrist strength and flexibility, which could be limiting for some golfers.

Individual adjustment

The level of strength in a strong grip needs to be individualised as too much strength can create negative swing tendencies.


Why your golf grip matters

Your golf grip is the only connection between your body and the club, making it a critical factor in your swing mechanics. A proper grip allows you to have more control over the clubface, which directly influences the direction, trajectory, and distance of your shots.

Whether you choose a weak or strong grip, it is crucial to understand how it affects your swing and ball flight. Experimenting with different grip types and finding the one that suits your swing and desired shot shape is essential.


Golf player holding a golf grip


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