Designed with multiple PGAs, the award winning golf-grip™ gives you the perfect grip, on any club in your bag.

Eliminates hooking, slicing & regripping, while promoting muscle memory, alignment, accuracy & control.

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All Golfers

The golf-grip™ is used by PGA tutors around the World to help coach and improve students of all abillities.

Any Golf Professional will tell you how important a good grip is for your game. The golf-grip™ helps you gain, and maintain the perfect grip on your club.


Even with a good understanding of grip mechanics, your grip will unconciously evolve over time, and should be consistently rectified.

If you maintain your game to a high level, the golf-grip™ is the perfect tool to recheck your grip.


If you are just getting started, golf-grip™ is a great tool to help to learn the correct grip. Repetition and continued practice, will help train your muscle memory.

Ergonomic design

golf-grip™ has been ergonomically molded to fit both hands perfectly. The contours guide fingers and thumbs to the correct position.

The open areas allow maximum contact with your own club, therefore and making it easier for you to establish the correct grip on your club when the golf-grip™ is not present.

Torsion fins

To prevent slippage due to the torque forces during the up or down swing, the golf-grip™ has molded torsion fins that provide a superior grip on your club grip.


While being a tight fit, to help prevent any slip, the golf-grip™ is extremely flexible and has ‘memory’. This means the golf-grip™ can be aggressively flexed open, but will return to its original form after a few seconds - providing an easy installation and a perfect fit.


Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)

The thick skin of the golf-grip™ is made from TPR - a material which maintains both the characteristics of rubber and plastic & is soft to the touch, and comfortable to grip.


The frame of the golf-grip™ is made from Nylon® which allows it to hold its shape and provide grip to any club you attach to.

Flex open


Slide up


Left hand position

For right-handed players, the left hand should be placed first. The left thumb should sit in the open area and your index finger will naturally lay into the ergonomic form, creating a ‘V’ shape.

Right hand position

Your right hand should overlay your left, and your right thumb should sit in the oval area. Your index finger will naturally want to pinch the ergonomic form, creating a second and final ‘V’ shape.

Grip styles

Open area at the backside of the golf-grip has been specifically designed to allow for maximum contact with your own club, and to allow for all types of grip style:








For correct positioning the white alignment line should be aligned with the club face

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