Frequently asked questions

The golf-grip™ is better than the other market competitors for several reasons:

  1. Ease Of Use – There is no professional installation required and no complicated instructions
  2. Effectiveness – Guaranteed to give you the correct golf grip within minutes of removing it from it’s packaging.
  3. Size – The golf-grip™ will easily fit into your pocket, allowing you to take it anywhere you go.
  4. Discreetness – Nobody wants to advertise the fact that they are using a training aid. So, unlike other brightly coloured training aids, the golf-grip™ is only available in a discreet black that will blend in with your club grip.
  5. Uniqueness – We are not aware of product that performs quite as well as ours does. We have the World-wide patents to prove it.

Simply put the golf-grip™ onto your club shaft, then slide it up onto the rubber grip. The white line should align with the club face and the graphics printed on the golf-grip™ show you where to put your hands.

Any PGA Golf tutor will tell you, the grip is the most important part of your game and if wrong, will cause problems with the rest of your game. The golf-grip™ will make sure that your grip is correct and therefore give you the best possible start when teeing up. The rest is up to you.

The golf-grip™ is for golfers of all abilities. For Beginners the grip is the first step to learn and perfect. The golf-grip™ is an aid that will help the body’s natural ‘muscle memory’ to learn the correct position. This also makes it an invaluable aid for Professional golfers too. After many years, golfers can develop bad habits; one of these is inevitably the slight deformation of grip. The golf-grip™ gives the Professional a unique tool to confirm the correct grip, anywhere, anytime.

Many golf products use Nylon, which becomes brittle in the cold and will invariably break or snap as a result. Others use cheap rubbers, which are too flexible and distort exceptionally easily. The golf-grip™ uses neither of these. It was instead developed using many different materials. Eventually, a combination of injected sports grade Pebax® TPE combined with a soft TPR were found to be the optimum components. The different density of these materials allows the golf-grip™ to be soft and comfortable on the surface, yet stiff to the core, making it strong enough to grip your club with minimum deformation.

The golf-grip™ was designed to fit both the standard and the oversized grip. Other sizes are in the development stages.

The golf-grip™ is allowed for all types of play. For competition use, please always check your local club rules.

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