The top 10 golf podcasts to listen to in 2023

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If you want to get your golf fix on the way to work in the morning or during your next visit to the gym, golf podcasts can be a great way to keep on top of the latest developments in the golfing world and enjoy insightful discussions and interviews about playing golf and watching golf. Below is a list of our ten favourite podcasts to get into this year.


1. Your Golfer’s Almanac

This is a daily podcast in which the host, Michael Duranko, extolls a short history lesson on the game of golf each and every day. Each episode of this podcast is just three or four minutes long, so it’s easy to squeeze into your day, and by the time you’ve been listening to it for a month or so you’ll feel like an expert on golfing history.


2. No Laying Up

No Laying Up is a casual podcast that’s presented as a chilled-out conversation between a few friends. If you’re looking for a cast that mimics the mood of hanging out in the pub and having in-depth discussions about golf, golfing, and golfers – this might be the podcast for you. There is an episode almost every day and most episodes revolve around the latest PGA and tournament news.


3. The Rick Shiels Golf Show

If you want to listen to a podcast that’s versatile and fun, covering everything from golfing news and anecdotes to reviews of the latest golfing accessories, The Rick Shiels Golf Show might be perfect for you. It’s on every Tuesday and its cool, relaxed vibe is perfect for the drive home.


4. Fairgame Golf

This podcast is hosted by Masters champion Adam Scott, and as well as stories and anecdotes it features plenty of behind-the-scenes info on what it’s like to be a pro golfer. This isn’t the most regular podcast on the list, but there’s usually a new episode at least once a month and this cast can easily become the highlight of your month.


5. The Fried Egg

If you, too, believe that the devil is in the detail then The Fried Egg may be your favourite golfing podcast yet. In The Fried Egg, the hosts explore a number of golf-related topics in detail including the history of golf, the design and architecture of iconic courses around the world, and topical news stories. There’s usually at least one episode of The Fried Egg coming out every week.


6. The Shotgun Start

If you’re looking for a golfing podcast that can help you to stay up to date with the latest news and events from the world of golf, look no further than The Shotgun Start. New episodes are available most days and last around 30 minutes.


7. Me and My Golf

If you’re an amateur golfer trying to improve your swing, Me and My Golf could help you to get there. Hosted by PGA coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, Me and My Golf is a golfing instruction podcast that’s all about the psychology of golf and sports, as well as being filled with tips and tricks to improve your game on the course. Episodes last around 30 minutes and new episodes usually come out a few times per month.


8. Fore Play by Barstool Sports

If you’re up for a little bit of adult humour, Fore Play combines entertaining banter with golf facts and news. The podcast’s hosts clearly know their way around a golf course, and they’re happy to give their uncensored opinions on everything from the latest in major golfing tournaments to stories from their own adventures in golfing. New episodes of this light-hearted podcast are released weekly.


9. The First Cut

A podcast for true golf fanatics, The First Cut is an irregular podcast that offers insights and previews into upcoming tournaments including player news and betting odds. If you want to get insider information before it goes public or if you want to up your game when it comes to sports betting, give this cast a try.


10. Golf Smarter

Another instructional golf podcast, Golf Smarter can help you to improve your game by considering the mental element of swinging a golf club. Fred Greene dismantles the thought process behind every shot that you take to boost your golf IQ and make you a smarter golfer. As well as tips and strategies to improve your game, this podcast sometimes features interviews with pro golfers and other famous figures. New episodes of Golf Smarter are released every week.


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