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As we make our way through 2023, golf seems more popular than ever. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people actually took up the hobby, and now golf courses across the country are busier than ever before. If you want to stay competitive and keep your edge over your golfing buddies, you’ll need to keep on top of the latest trends. Let’s look at nine of the biggest golfing trends for 2023.



This one’s hard to compete with, but there’s no doubt that the average age of golfers in clubs across the UK is getting younger. In fact, some estimates predict that around a third of golfers today are millennials. This is great for the sport as a whole, and hopefully, seasoned golfers will be happy to share their tips and tricks with young beginners between rounds.



Golf has always been a social game, and post-pandemic this is more true than ever. Club members who missed the social side of golfing during the pandemic are now keen to get back into the swing of things both before, during, and after tee time. There are still plenty of amateur players who take the game very seriously, but the injection of younger, casual players into the hobby is creating a more social atmosphere in clubs across the country.


Fashion and golfing attire

Golfers haven’t always been known for their fashion choices – unless plaid trousers count as fashion. But golf is becoming trendier by the year, and lots of sporting goods retailers are creating new lines of fashionable golfing attire to wear both on and off the course. This is yet another trend that seems connected to the rise in youthful golfers, and it’s likely to have a positive impact on the sport’s image as a whole.


Golfing gadgets

Golfing doesn’t just require a tee, a ball, and a club anymore. Nowadays, if you want to play your best, you’ll have to consider a whole armoury of accessories. Brands like Titleist are releasing new irons designed to improve performance, and golfing gadgets like rangefinders are making it easier to calculate your shots before you swing. And don’t forget the golf-grip™, a training aid that’s designed to improve performance for golfers of all abilities.


Membership fees

The way a lot of golf clubs are structuring their membership fees is also beginning to change, and likely this trend will continue well into 2023 and beyond. High membership fees have long been considered one of the most prohibitive obstacles for beginners wanting to get into golfing, and in response, a lot of clubs are starting to introduce off-peak discounts and other flexible fee structures to entice new players to join.


Traditional design

In recent years, golf course design has moved towards more unusual and creative courses which may look impressive but don’t always pose a challenge for technical players. In 2023, we’re starting to see a return to more traditional course design tropes, with new courses featuring more sand and stone combined with water features and plenty of trees and shrubs.


Social media

If you haven’t joined Facebook yet, now might be the time to sign up. Golfers should expect to see more and more major sporting news outlets and retailers using social media to publicise news and promotions. The PGA is using social media sites like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to improve the PGA brand and attract ever younger viewers to develop an interest in the sport.


Environmental concerns

Like other sporting communities, the golfing community is beginning to understand its role in the fight against climate change. Issues like water management, conservation, and biodiversity are relevant when it comes to the design and use of golf courses across the UK, and the concept of carbon-positive courses is gaining traction across the community. It’s likely that more and more clubs and retailers will begin to incorporate policy changes designed to minimise their actions’ harmful impact on the environment.


Quicker events and courses

If you’ve attended any golfing events in the last year or so, you might have already noticed that there’s a growing trend towards quicker and shorter golfing events and tournaments – for example, playing nine holes instead of a full round of golf. This makes it easier for casual players to fit golf in around other life commitments, increasing the overall appeal of the sport.


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