Elevate your game: 7 of the best golf training equipment accessories

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While our list of the best might help you to improve your performance on the course, good golf training equipment can help you work on your foundations to build a better game.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of golf training accessories and uncover the best tools available to help golfers refine their technique, improve consistency, and boost their overall skills.


1. PuttOUT Devil Balls

PuttOUT Devil Balls have revolutionised golf practice by providing golfers with a unique and challenging training experience. These specially designed golf balls have a distinctive hexagonal design, which means they don’t roll as smoothly as regular golf balls. This feature makes practising putting more demanding and enhances precision and control.

When struck correctly, the PuttOUT Devil Balls roll straight, rewarding accurate putts, while any slight misalignment causes them to veer off course. This immediate feedback trains golfers to develop a consistent stroke and improve their aim. By incorporating the PuttOUT Devil Balls into your practice routine, you can enhance your putting skills and gain the confidence to sink more putts on the greens.


2. Breaking Ball Putting Mat

The Breaking Ball Putting Mat comes with three breaking balls, each weighted differently to mimic different severities of break, from slight to heavy. Inside each ball is a screw that determines whether the break is to the left or the right. This makes it possible to practice both straight putts and curved putts on this putting mat.

Each of the balls that come in the set feels quite natural, and the mat is easy to pack away between practice sessions. By incorporating the Breaking Ball Putting Mat into their practice routine, golfers can develop a keen sense of green-reading and improve their overall putting performance.


3. Dewiz Golf Swing Monitor

The Dewiz Golf Swing Monitor is a cutting-edge device that brings advanced technology to the world of golf training. This compact and lightweight monitor attaches to your golf club and provides real-time data and insights about your swing. It measures critical parameters such as swing speed, tempo, club face angle, and shaft lean, offering a comprehensive analysis of your technique.

With the Dewiz Golf Swing Monitor, you can track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune your swing mechanics. This invaluable feedback allows you to make targeted adjustments, optimise your swing efficiency, and ultimately enhance your overall golf performance.


4. Blast Golf Swing Analyser

The Blast Golf Swing Analyser is a game-changing tool for golfers seeking to elevate their swing performance. This innovative device seamlessly attaches to the grip of your club and captures valuable data during your swing. Using advanced sensor technology, the Blast Golf Swing Analyser measures key metrics such as club speed, tempo, backswing length, and face rotation.

The device provides instant feedback, allowing golfers to analyse their swings, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments. With its user-friendly app, golfers can track their progress over time, compare swings, and access personalised coaching tips. The Blast Golf Swing Analyser empowers golfers to refine their technique, increase consistency, and achieve their full swing potential


5. Me and My Golf: The Ball Striker

Me and My Golf’s The Ball Striker is a comprehensive training aid designed to transform your iron play. This innovative tool provides instant feedback on your ball striking, helping you achieve a more consistent and accurate swing. It’s a simple tool that consists of a double-sided alignment towel that can help you to practice your shotmaking and your trajectory control.

The mat will show you where to position your feet and what your swing path should look like for different ball flights. It’s a simple concept that can quickly improve your game. By incorporating The Ball Striker into your practice routine, you can improve your iron play, increase distance control, and ultimately elevate your overall performance on the golf course.


6. Liveview Pro 2 Training Aid

The Liveview Pro 2 Training Aid is a game-changing tool that brings real-time visual feedback to your golf training. This portable and easy-to-use device consists of a high-resolution camera and a mobile app that connects to your smartphone or tablet. With Liveview Pro 2, you can capture and analyse your swing from various angles, allowing you to identify flaws, track progress, and make necessary adjustments.

The app offers features like slow-motion playback and side-by-side comparisons, enabling you to dissect your swing mechanics with precision. By utilising the Liveview Pro 2 Training Aid, golfers can enhance their technique, develop a more efficient swing, and gain a deeper understanding of their overall game.


7. The golf-grip™

You can also improve your training and your game with the golf-grip™, an accessory that you simply attach to your own set of clubs to correct your hand position and your swing.  


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What makes golf-grip™ the No.1 grip training aid?

Find out by visiting the FAQs section of our website to discover why the golf-grip™ is the No. 1 training aid. From being endorsed by PGAs as a product that “works” to being small enough to fit into your pocket, our frequently asked questions section can help you take a step closer to transforming your game.

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